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“One of the 50 Most Creative People in Atlanta, ” says CommonCreativ[e] Magazine, 2011.

“Lori Lejeune is uniquely gifted in weaving magic from new technologies… I was struck by her significance immediately. Though we at Atlanta College of Art have registered several artists who were exploring digital media, her approach is notably poetic.” Anne Cox, Former Director, Georgia Artists Registry

“Top 10 Artist ‘New on View’” Michael Barnes, Art Critic, Austin- American Statesman

“Lejeune’s work … provides an introspective commentary on universal themes — from relationship idiosyncrasies to life decisions and humorous contradictions … “ Karen Grafe, Discover Silicon Valley Magazine

“(Lejeune’s artwork) speaks with a strong social conscience” Donna Bush, South Bay Accent Magazine

“Lori Lejeune’s use of 3-D and animation software to generate photographs … that never existed outside of the computer demonstrates remarkable ingenuity …” Jerry Cullum, Art Critic, absolutearts.com

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MexicArte Museum – participation in the multicultural Serie 3 print project run by noted Austin artist Sam Coronado, collection MexicArte Museum :: view more

Decatur Art Alliance – art + installations for “Flight & Figures” solo show :: view more

tv & radio coverage

Artscene with Paul Rickey, KKUP Radio, Santa Clara, CA. Interview for Community Digital Art Project, 2000.

Cable Access TV, Austin, TX. Tripping Around Austin, 1996.

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