At Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, mixed media, 2015

Welcome to the online studio of Lori Lejeune, originator of shape- combining, “constellation-style” wall art installations in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. Offering digital designs + mixed media artwork for public sites and modern spaces. View installations, murals, and shop. Click for my bio and more about me.

lori jejune lady sitting on floor black circles
white swan on black background, art by lori jejune
white hummingbird on black background, art by lori jejune
bird in flight, white on black background, art by lori jejune
dragon fly, white on black, art by lori jejune
orange butterfly
Flight series, mixed media • artwork © Lori Lejeune
Flight series on blue wall with wood floor, art by lori jejune
flight series on blue wall and white wall with red chair in room around white table, art by lori jejune
lori jejune, lady in red dress standing by art installation
Installations at Decatur Arts Alliance, 2017
flight series on blue
white art on black, people in library
Purchased by the Fulton County, Georgia Public Art Collection, mixed media on canvas






lori lejeune, lady wearing yellow by art installation
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