I create custom, commissioned works of art for individuals and for corporate art projects. Here’s how to commission an artwork that is custom-made for your project in six easy steps:

1. determine your budget

Adjusting an existing work: Note it’s more affordable to purchase
a work that I’ve already created; I often produce work using a different material or resize it to meet special requests. I do my best to accommodate these requests and there is a 50% nonrefundable deposit to cover material costs that is required to customize work. Work produced on metal, canvas or vinyl costs more than the same size work on paper. If you have a special request, contact me at, include a link to the piece and describe the new size or material you would like, and I’ll be in touch.

Custom made artwork: There is more involved when you commission a special artwork that is custom made for you and your project, so the pricing is higher to reflect this and is as follows:

Work on paper begins at $1.50 per square inch with a minimum of $500

Work on canvas or metal begins at $2.50 per square inch with a minimum of $500

Wall installation work and murals on vinyl start at $1,500 and up, depending on size and complexity.

For example: 16 x 20” work on canvas is 320 square inches = $800 22” x 30” on paper is 660 square inches = $990
24” x 24” canvas is 576 square inches = $1,440
48” x 60” on canvas is 2,880 square inches = $7,200

Metal prints are available to 4 x 8 feet.
Custom wall installations and murals begin at $1,500.
If you decide a custom made piece is for you, proceed to step 2.

 2. send me more information

Please fill out the form below; the more detail the better. (Or email me and add as much information as possible for each line of the form below: specific colors, phone number if in U.S., art style (birds, butterfly, wall installation, work on vinyl), size / quantity, and your time zone).

Emailing a PHOTO OF THE SPACE to me at is helpful if you have one.

10 + 14 =

3. let’s talk

We’ll schedule a time to speak to go through all the details and walk through the process together making sure we’re on the same page and we’ll discuss the timeframe for delivery of your commission. If you’re outside the U.S., we’ll work by Zoom or Skype. If you are commissioning an installation piece or mural on vinyl, we’ll walk through all your options for installing the work on your wall.

4. deposit

A 50% deposit is required to start on your project. The deposit is non- refundable because it saves your time slot on my calendar that I’ve blocked out from taking on other projects in order to deliver yours
on time. In addition the deposit covers the materials that have to be purchased to begin your work.

5. final payment & shipment

Upon completion I’ll show you the finished artwork for your final approval via video and photos. You are going love the results! Once final payment is received, then your work is delivered to you. Shipped artwork will be fully insured so you feel confident that you are completely covered from start to finish.

6. enjoy your artwork!

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