Digital Artist @ Studio Lejeune

Mixed Media artwork

I am the originator of the shape combining, "constellation" style of wall installation. My experiments with creating round work led to developing this style and my first installation of this type was installed in 2012. In my installation work, I frequently use round artwork of small, medium and large sizes combined together to create elegant patterns on the wall. Many viewers comment that my organic installation work reminds them of a constellation. As my work evolved, I began incorporating other shapes such as rectangles and squares, as well. A pattern of installed canvases can suggest a sequence, an emotion or a larger context.

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Flight Series: Mixed Media Art and Installations

Offering a modern interpretation of graceful birds and other creatures with wings. The Flight series can be configured for site-specific installations in large spaces and offers a unique, signature look. Select the image at left to view more.

Mixed Media on Canvas Installations
20 images

Body Language: Mixed Media Installations (20 images)

Human emotion and feeling are conveyed in this series of gender-neutral, race-neutral figures. The series explores the human condition using minimalistic digital representations that remove preconceived bias. The patterns are a meaningful part of the work, reinforcing the mood of the individual canvases. In the larger organic pieces the arrangement is like the flow of experiences and interactions in life. The installation work offers site-specific designs to enhance public and private spaces. Select the image at left to view more images.

  Artist's Statement




Please note that I gratefully acknowledge datasets from 3D Cafe and Platinum Pictures in creating my work.