The Allegories and Allusions of Body Language

Emotion and feeling are conveyed in this series of gender-neutral, race-neutral figures. The series explores the human condition using minimalistic digital representations that remove preconceived bias. The patterns are a meaningful part of the work, reinforcing the mood of the individual canvases. In the larger organic pieces the arrangement is like the flow of experiences and interactions in life. The installation work offers site-specific designs to enhance public and private spaces.


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Installations at Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta

Life journey (left)
approx 30 feet long

Urban installation (right)
8 feet long x 5 feet wide

mixed media on canvas





Installation at Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta

Joy Jump
mixed media on canvas




Short Bio: "Lori Lejeune explores the intersection of art and technology in her photographic and mixed-media work. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the US and is included in corporate, private and museum collections. Collectors include: the Charter Management Company, Coronado Press, the Museum of South Texas, Mexic-Arte Museum, and the University of Texas Benson/Romo Collection, among others."
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